All standard rentals are $125 for a 3 day period

(Graduation Yard-Grams $100/1 Day)

(Delivery & Pickup Included)

All Yard-Grams include

– Delivery between 9PM – 6AM

– Pickup between 4PM – 8PM approximately three days/48 hours later

– 25 Critter/Display items based on theme

– 2 foot tall HAPPY BIRTHDAY (or related) lawn letters

– Personalized A-Frame Message Board

– 2 Full Days of Display

– Assortment of “retro” candy (candy cigarettes, Necco wafers, Nik-L-Nips wax bottles, wax lips, candy bracelet, Hot Rocks, etc.) from when the recipient was a child!

– 24 Page Remember When color greeting card highlighting actual news, sports, entertainment, and advertisements from selected year!